Sex Addict Treatment

Partners of Sex Addicts Groups

The impact of being the intimate partner of a sex addict often results in trauma, “the abrupt disintegration of one’s inner world.” (R. Janoff-Bulman, Ph.D.)  

Partners of sex addicts need a safe place to tell their stories, time to identify and mourn their losses, and resources that support them in their healing process.
Like the addict, they also benefit from a specialized program to help recognize and change behaviors that arise from living with addiction.

Partners often:

  • Feel responsible for the addict’s behavior
  • Forget who they are apart from the addict
  • Acclimate to lives steeped in resentment and anger
  • No longer trust anything they see or hear
  • Feel betrayed and manipulated
  • Do not know what to do with their feelings
  • Struggle with feeling victimized and overwhelmed by the need for control
  • Feel forced to participate in the addict’s secrets and lies
  • Behave in ways that violate their own values and integrity
  • Lack a personal support system and self-care tools

The Partners Groups at Impulse Treatment Center are part of an integrated Sex Addiction Treatment Model that includes ongoing individual and group therapy for each partner, as well as resources for those seeking to restore their relationship.

“It is within the group experience that many [partners] heal to a degree they never imagined possible…their healing journey is a gift to themselves that will take them through life and its ultimate challenges.”

Claudia Black, PhD,
Author of “Deceived: Facing Betrayal, Lies and Secrets”